Thursday, March 8, 2012

Storm Moon

This has been one heck of a week.  There's been more damage found in the New Mexico house. Bess' progress report came back with a C in Math.  Lightning is arguing with me over everything it seems (typical 4 yr old I'm guessing.)  The boys are constantly fighting.  Bess got another stomach bug.  One of the interns I work with was having a really bad day (which I could totally understand) and then somehow became pissed off at me over something I still don't understand.  I'm ready for the Storm to be over now.  (The March Moon is the Storm Moon.)

The transition from Winter into Spring is always difficult on the kids and I.  When the temperature fluctuates as it has for the last two months we get sick.  And when the kids get sick it makes this whole working thing very difficult.  I can already tell the rest of this year is going to be just as chaotic as the last few months have been, with the small exception that the kids and I generally don't get sick in the spring and summer.  So I'm more looking at the rest of this year as something that just has to get done.  

On a completely different note....I came across a blog a week or so ago that for me was incredibly provocative.  You can find that blog here and if you know any military families you may want to pass the blog entry onto them.  The core of that article addressed an issue that is a particular fear of mine because of the relationship I have with my MIL the Borg Queen.  (I've written previous blog entries about our relationship and they all have the NPD label in them.)  Basically, if my husband were to die while on duty I would have to notify his mother of his death.  And my fear is that she would then try to gain custody of our children.  The blog entry actually talked about some cases of this happening with other military families.  So it opened up an avenue for me to talk to Donald about what would happen if he suddenly passed.  And he agreed with me that his mother trying for custody was a possibility.  So now he gets to at some point talk to his mother about what might happen should he suddenly die.  (What a morbid topic, right?  But these are the realities of being a military family.)  I've already spoken to my parents on the matter of my sudden death (because even though Donald has a higher risk job, it could still happen) and happily they indicated they would support Donald in keeping the kids.  So yay!  But I think both he and I are dreading the conversation he'll have to have with his mother.  So here's hoping it turns out to be a good thing for us rather than something that bites us in the butt later.

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