Thursday, March 22, 2012

Looking up

Wanted to write a quick entry on how thankful I am for the good things that have happened recently.  My mother has offered to come stay with us and watch the kidlets for me while Donald is off on his TDY's in April & May.  This really is a lifesaver as I was wracking my brain trying to decide how I was going to provide full time childcare (which we can't afford) while I was trying to complete my first Internship.  Mom's retired and so has much more ability to be able to come out whenever she likes or wants to help out.  I'm so lucky to have the relationship I have with my mother as an adult because as a teen I was not the nicest of daughters at times.

The kids are pretty much set on clothes for the rest of the spring/summer now.  I went to the Williamsburg outlet mall near us and pretty much did a shop til you drop day, but the kids are set now.  And I dropped that night LOL

Donald is locked into his current job until next January, so we won't have to worry about getting orders until next summer at the earliest.

Things are looking up :)

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