Friday, March 16, 2012

The currents of change...they keep on coming

So I finished my last official week of practicum and holy freaking wow....this whole finishing up school thing is going to be interesting.  There's two main reasons I haven't been working outside the home and they are:  the cost of childcare and the crazy military hours. that I'm working (for free) and paying for childcare (not free!) and still dealing with the crazy military hours it's a damn mess.  And I'm not Superhuman so I sit and wonder just how long this is going to keep working.  With a military exercise looming for Langley mid-April and Donald going to 13 hour shifts I'm almost guaranteed to get no hours in that week.  I MIGHT be able to work from 1300-1700 that week (which would give Donald just enough sleep to function on) but I don't really know right now.  It's disheartening to know that I may or may not be able to get enough hours to finish my master's. may happen.  And I'll deal with it one way or another as it happens.

Good news!  (Cuz geez have I been venting enough lately, or what?)  After the whole crappy experience of everything that could possibly go wrong going wrong in the house we own in NM, we are getting enough money back to fully pay for the repairs!  I'm excited by this since we won't have to foreclose on the damn house now.  So woohoo :)

I find that working with people right now wears me out.  Don't get me wrong...I do enjoy it.  But I'm exhausted every night I come home from work.  So if I finish this wondrous degree I think I'll be taking a break afterwards.  If we don't end up getting orders (please no) then I can work part time with people here cuz my supervisor ROCKS!!

And my kiddos are just amazing little wonders.  They constantly learn and grow and make me so grateful every day.  The youngest turned 3 today and I think part of me is in shock at that.  He was just a baby...but not so much now.

Lots of changes going on in my little world.  I'm doing my best to go with that current of change, but sometimes I just need shallow place to rest in.

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