Sunday, December 30, 2012

Catching Up

Wow, this year has flown!  And because it was SUCH a busy year I neglected my poor blog :( It may take a bit to get used to blogging regularly again, but make the attempt I will. catch up on some of the more eventful things that happened this year:

I began my fieldwork in January of this year and after many trials and tribulations finished up all my required hours for graduation in December.  (Yep, I did that happy Snoopy Dance, too.)

My husband got his fifth and sixth bouts of strep throat for the last 4 years since we've moved to Virginia.  He'll be having his tonsils removed early next year.

Bess started 4th grade in September and my mind started leaking faster out of my ears LOL

Lightning started Pre-K also in September and that brain leakage got ever faster

Dare revolted over Lightning going to school & leaving him alone with Daddy all day.  More brain leakage commenced.

In May I began the experience the worst pain in my adult life which shot through my left knee, down to my foot, and back up.  Feeling the equivalent of lightning running through you really, REALLY sucks.  I'm still waiting to see a neurosurgeon to get the issue resolved, but my neurologist has been super helpful and with the help of physical therapy I've gotten most of the use of my leg back.

So.....that's a quick round up of things going on for us.  There were lots more things, but those were the most pressing.  Happy Almost New Year to one and all!