Monday, January 31, 2011

New *still in progress* story

Okay so I'd like a bit of feedback on this pretty please.  It's going to be a slow-going piece of work, but hopefully it will go somewhere.  Having fun just sitting down and writing something has been YEARS people.  The kids can suck the time right out of you, and with me going to school as well it's hard to find time for fun stuff like writing and scrapbooking.  Oh well, enjoy and tell me what you think :)


            Looking around the scene looked vaguely familiar.  I’d seen this somewhere before, but couldn’t recall where.  The dusty yard with house built into it, an outbuilding, and some livestock.  Chain link fencing surrounded the place and it seemed as though the family who lived here lived with their livestock.  It was a fairly peaceful, if dry and dusty scene.  Then everything changed.  The bull that had been docilely taking feed from the young man feeding him turned and planted one of his horns into the man’s arm.  Screaming ensued and I automatically reached for my cell phone to call 911.  The poor man had managed to get away from the bull, which was rustled into what looked like its pen.  Blood was seeping onto his shirt from the wound and I could tell he would at the very least lose the arm if help didn’t arrive soon.  “911 what is your emergency?” asked the calm voice on the other end of my phone.  “A man has been injured by a bull and he is bleeding pretty badly.  Someone needs to get out here and tend to him.”  “Yes ma’am we can dispatch someone immediately.  What is your current location?”  Suddenly I realized I had no idea where I was.  I looked around and began to panic as I realized I couldn’t give a location to the emergency people.  Was I in Lancaster?  Or Alamogordo?  And why didn’t I know where I was?  As I began babbling to the lady on the other end of the phone that I didn’t know where I was, everything began to fade.  I opened my eyes to my darkened bedroom and thought,  It was only a dream?  But it felt so REAL.  After taking a few deep breaths I settled back down to sleep.  It took awhile, but I did get back to sleep.  Saturday morning was there to greet me when next I woke.
            As is my usual morning habit on the weekends, I stayed in bed as long as my stomach could stand it.  When it became apparent that food must be eaten I pushed my blankets out of the way and climbed into daylight.  My older sister Tess is already in the kitchen having finished her own breakfast and doing the older sister thing of cleaning up.  “Wow, must have been some night for you,” she observed with raised brows. 
            “Had a really weird dream,” I mumbled as I poured orange juice into a glass.  “Couldn’t tell where I was, but it looked like either Lancaster or Alamogordo.  And you know how much I loved those places.  And some dude got poked by his pet bull….it was just weird all the way around.”  I lean against the kitchen counter and notice that Tess is now staring at me.  “What?”
            She sets down the dish towel she was using and leans on the center island.  “I did some work online this morning and came across this article on a guy who was injured by his domesticated bull.  It was a freak accident and nobody could tell what set the bull off.  But the really strange thing was there were two 911 calls when it happened.  One was made by a family member who came out and saw the man bleeding.  The other they couldn’t trace, but they had a recording of it and the girl on the other line couldn’t tell where she was….”
            I take a deep breath and set my juice down.  “Wait a minute.  Are you telling me my dream wasn’t a dream?  That I was actually there and made a phone call and all that?  How is that even possible?”  The weirdness of the morning is really beginning to get to me and my stomach is now churning.  I’ll be lucky to get anything beyond the OJ into it now.
            Tess took a deep breath.  “Well you always have been a little….odd -talking to animals and all that when you were little.  I never really thought anything about it until I got into school and saw the other kids didn’t do that kind of thing.  And Mom always was taking you aside and telling you what not to do in front of other people.  Maybe you should talk to her about it.  She has more of an idea than I do about the bizarre stuff you do.”  She gives me a teasing smile and a hug before saying, “I’m off for work.  Let me know what Mom says about the whole thing.”
            Well this is great, I think as I try to process something while it’s still way too early for my brain to process.  Having not even been awake for an hour, this was proving to be one of the more eventful days in my life.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nifty Stuff for Cold/Flu Season

Since we're now in the middle of the most evil time of the year (cold/flu season) it is almost a requirement to purchase a humidifier.  We've tried many humidifiers over the years and some of the crap out almost immediately.  Crane makes Ultrasonic humidifiers in the shape of animals which I held out on at first because they're a bit more expensive than your basic humidifier.  I finally broke down and bought one for the boys' room.  It.  Is.  Awesome.  This thing has outlasted the other humidifiers I bought for the kids, plus it has an automatic shut off when it runs out of water.  It makes it super easy for me to stumble into the room in the middle of the night and assess if it needs a refill - red light is on it needs water, green light is on it doesn't need water.  There are also mineral filters available for these things that fit inside the tank - they're a great buy also.  Each filter lasts about 40 refills of the tank.  If you have kidlets you should really check these out - they're worth the money!


So this is just the first attempt at a blog I've done.  Still setting up the account at this point.  I think I'm going to upload stuff I've found that is nifty, stuff that really isn't nifty, fun stuff, and some writing stuff when I get around to it.  So...lots of stuff.  Eventually.  For now I'm just setting up.