Friday, January 21, 2011

Nifty Stuff for Cold/Flu Season

Since we're now in the middle of the most evil time of the year (cold/flu season) it is almost a requirement to purchase a humidifier.  We've tried many humidifiers over the years and some of the crap out almost immediately.  Crane makes Ultrasonic humidifiers in the shape of animals which I held out on at first because they're a bit more expensive than your basic humidifier.  I finally broke down and bought one for the boys' room.  It.  Is.  Awesome.  This thing has outlasted the other humidifiers I bought for the kids, plus it has an automatic shut off when it runs out of water.  It makes it super easy for me to stumble into the room in the middle of the night and assess if it needs a refill - red light is on it needs water, green light is on it doesn't need water.  There are also mineral filters available for these things that fit inside the tank - they're a great buy also.  Each filter lasts about 40 refills of the tank.  If you have kidlets you should really check these out - they're worth the money!

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