Monday, April 2, 2012

What's your flavor?

Pretty much from the time I could string two words together I knew I loved books.  The term I lovingly use is bookworm and I have many friends who feel the same.  My preferences with books have changed through the years.  In my early teens I preferred fantasy and romance.  (This explains so much about my late teen years in retrospect.)  Once I reached my early twenties I loved reading psychological thrillers (Not horror.  Never horror.)  and supernatural romance.  

Now that I'm in my mid-thirties I can't stand reading your run of the mill romance.  If there's nothing supernatural in it I want nothing to do with it.  And much to my surprise I find I've been reading my preferred genre for the last few years without even knowing it.  My favorite series include:  The Merry Gentry series, Anita Blake (Vampire Hunter), The Hollows, Downside Ghosts, & the Wicked Lovely series.  Each and every one of these series is considered Urban Fantasy....and I had no idea until recently.  How funny is that?

So my fellow bookworms out there....what's your flavor or genre?

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