Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Outlook

I have a dream of eventually becoming a published author.  That dream has pretty much been pushed back until my kiddos are at least in middle to high school so that I'm not constantly running after them as I do now.  School has also been a factor is pushing the dream back - when sleep becomes a priority you know you don't really have enough "you" time.  But...that may all be changing.  Because I read a recent blog of Neil Gaiman's that you can read here where he talks about how he once read that if you w!rite 300 words a day, you can have a book in a year.  HOLY CRAP!  This was a revelation to me - that I could possibly be closer to my dream of eventually being published than I ever realized.  Now, to be completely realistic, I'm going to shoot for 600 words a week.  Because sometimes even that small amount is very difficult in the rambling chaos of my life right now.'s one step closer :)  

And for another fun & interesting tidbit, there's this great YA blog (that's really more of a YA blog for adult readers) which is hosting an awesome ARC giveaway right now.  So check out The Midnight Garden and their giveaway :)   

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