Monday, May 21, 2012

Mulling things over

Donald just left for a six week training TDY in Montgomery, Alabama & right before he left his mother made a point to ask how she could talk to the kids while he was gone.  It occurred to me that Grandma making plans to talk to the kids (catch the plural there?) would be wonderful...except that she doesn't ever try to talk to the kids when their father is home.  Which means she's reacting to the fact that Donald not being here means (in her mind) that she can't contact the kids.  I would actually really enjoy it if the MIL would make a point to talk to the kids because that's a sign of a healthy relationship.  But...someone who only wants to contact their grandchildren because their son is out of the area and they're feeling threatened...that's pretty much the definition of a crappy relationship.  And my kids deserve better than that so it really pisses me off.

On a side note, we made these pumpkin pancakes yesterday and they were fabulous!  I'd highly recommend them with maple syrup and some whipped cream.


  1. Your kids deserve so much better.

    That's why they picked you. ;)


    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment, Jesse :) I think because it will be good for the kids I'm going to call her a few times while their Dad's gone. But I'm not going to make it my responsibility to call her (we went down that road once & it ended badly.