Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bed time story

Last night at bed time for the kiddos I wanted to try something new for Friday nights.  So I sat on Lightning's bed with the boys and told a made up story for them.  The results were pretty hilarious, so I thought I'd share ;-)

Me:  Once upon a time there were two princes named Lightning and Dare
Lightning: But I don't want to be a prince
Me:  Do you want to be a knight?
Lightning:  No, I want to be a brother.
Me.  Okay so there were two brothers named Lightning and Dare who were trying to rescue their sister from the Snagglepuss (no, I don't know where that came from :-/)  The two brothers rode their horses across the plains to where the Snagglepuss was holding their sister.  Now (turning to Lightning) what do you think you should do?
Lightning:  Give him lunch!
Me:  Okay so we feed him and maybe he gives us the sister back.  (Turns to Dare)  What do you want to do?
Dare:  Kill him!
Me:  *blinks*  You want to kill him?  I guess we could feed him lunch and then kill him, but....(at this point I broke into fits of giggles, and the boys thought this was hilarious, so they joined in.  Enter Bess from the other room who heard us laughing and couldn't resist the urge to know what was going on.  I relayed the story so far to her & she was laughing to.  When I could stop, I continued the story)
Me:  So the brothers fixed him a wondrous lunch of cucumber sandwiches and lemonade & while the Snagglepuss was eating they were able to grab their sister and run back to their home where they never heard from the Snagglepuss again.

Both boys:  But we didn't kill him!
Me:  *Facepalm*

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