Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The last couple of week have really worn on me.  I've been juggling the full-time mom role with the practicum student role and haven't really had the chance to fully go from one to the other.  Internship is just looming around the corner and I don't know if I'm mentally prepared for it.  My youngest child is turning 3 next month and I keep wondering how he got to be so big.  Donald may or may not be going to 6 weeks of training (thanks Air Force for the hurry up and wait training) and so I feel like I'm sitting in a big river with lots of broken pieces of Arctic ice floating around me and I don't know which direction to take.  At the end of the river is a waterfall creeping ever closer, so the decision making will have to kick in soon.  But for now I just don't know what, if anything, I can do.  And I don't like it one bit.

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