Monday, November 7, 2011

Creative solution

My fieldwork packet has been submitted to my school so I'm now in "hurry up and wait" mode.  Blech.  Since this is never a really good place to be mentally, I'm going to do something constructive to help get my mind off the waiting.

A friend of mine on Twitter posted this link to a blog on creativity -
After reading said blog, and since I've also been playing around with the idea of self-publishing a short piece of poetry and short stories through smashwords, I decided I needed to start writing again.  And this morning I had a hilarious idea for a short story that will fit into the collection I'm thinking of & serve the added benefit of self-care.  Woot!

Providing I can get the boys to settle down this afternoon I should be able to get started on said short story.  Actually pretty excited - I think it will be fun :)

Also, in the interest of keeping my marriage sane I'm going to keep all my venting of the MIL/Borg Queen (which I will end up writing about on here for a full explanation on WHY she has that nickname) to this blog and Twitter.  I need a venting space, but it would be easier for my husband if that space is far from Facebook since most of his relatives have accounts there.  And while I really don't care anymore if the entirety of his mother's side of the family hates me, it does make it easier for him to keep that sort of venting off Facebook.  So....hopefully that will make things easier for him.  We'll see.

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