Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blessings and Thanks

I got a tweet from someone I follow today that had the most wonderful blessing in it.  "Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way" - Native American Saying.  This was a really wonderful tweet and made my day :)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving here are some things I'm happy to be blessed with -

  • Happy and healthy kiddos.  This is a big one for us since Lightning was born with a heart condition & had open heart surgery at one week old.  
  • Having a husband who understands that while I'm not perfect, I'm just right for our little family.
  • The military has provided us with the ability to create a home in places where we don't know anybody.  And has made sure there are no bases close to my mother in law that we can be PCS'd to.
  • Reconnecting with my best friend from high school who can laugh with me and yell with me as  needed.
  • Being raised in a family where anyone was accepted, no matter how eccentric they were.  Because there are some very strange people in my family...and no one ever asks them to be anything but who they are.
  • Having my husband understand that we shouldn't have to change who we are for his mother
  • For only one weekend duty over the holiday season...the kiddos will get to see Daddy!
  • For the wonderful home we live in.  It has all kind of quirks, and needs a bit of work, but overall is perfect just the way it is.
  • My pets who have been with us since before we had the kiddos.  The dogs are getting older now and I love the time we have left with them.  The cat (who thinks she's a dog) probably has several more years left in her LOL
  • Writing again!  It's been years, but I'm taking the time to get those creative juices flowing again & it is wonderful!
May your home be filled with unexpected blessings this year and into the next :)

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