Sunday, December 4, 2011

The weekend that kicked my ass

I began this weekend by walking into the hair salon to get my pampering & found my hair stylist on the floor in a pool of her own blood with paramedics surrounding her.  It is also now officially Winter and well into the Holiday season, which means I'm associating less with my Brigit goddess and more with my Morrigan goddess.  And my MIL comes in this week.  I really feel like I'm floating out in the middle of this big expanse of nothing & don't really have the gumption to try to find a line to get out.  But....that's part of what this blog is for.  Because the holidays really do make me lose my damn mind.

So, back to the hair salon.  I stayed with the owner of the salon for a good thirty minutes or so to make sure she was calm enough to take care of herself.  It's not every day that you're having a conversation with someone who just falls over.  I've seen it once before and it's just the strangest thing.  And very shocking to the person who witnesses it and has no medical training.  The paramedics who assisted thought she had a mini stroke, but all kinds of tests & things will have to be run to determine what actually happened.  I'm going to go by the salon this week and just check in to make sure everything is as well as it can be.  

So Winter.  The bitch is here and won't be leaving anytime soon.  This is the time of year when I just want to wall myself up in a cave with my books, a good fire, and some really thick blankets.  And I don't want to socialize with anyone.  Enter the MIL (going to have to explain at  some point why I also call her the Borg Queen, but that will have to wait for another blog entry) who just wants to spend as much time around her grandchildren (ie. her granddaughter) as she can.  And my husband who has grown over the years with his boundary abilities, but still can't just say no to her.  He really believes it would be worse for the kids if she weren't in their lives, but I really don't know anymore.  There is so much infighting between his mother and her family that he can't convince me the kids wouldn't be better off without her.  But it's his mother and his decision to make, not mine.  We have our own way of dealing with his mother when she enters our territory and once she leaves we both heave a happy sigh of relief.  So that's later this week.  And the weekend has already beat me down.  I have quite a few "holiday" things left to do, so I'll be trying mightily to concentrate on those rather than the impending dread of another Borg Queen visit.  Maybe the Morrigan will deign to lend me some of her strength so I can get through this week peaceably.  

I'm listening to Sarah McLachlan today because some days she's all I can listen to.  And things become a little more bearable.  Because until February comes knocking I'm stuck in the middle of the Winter death, and it's really hard to be all happy and light.

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