Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Suggestions please

This post is actually me being lazy instead of DMing several friends on Twitter.  Well, I'm still going to DM you guys, but all the info is right here on the blog instead of typing it each time.  So technically, still being lazy.

I'm working an idea for that lovely little story I'm plugging away at & needed a bit of input.  Main character is a first year college student who's just discovered she's a bit different from everyone she knows.  She's fairly introverted, very smart, and of Italian & Native American descent.  Looking at three different tarot decks to use for her character (yes, the deck will be in the story) and dunno which to go with.  Please have a look & let me know what you think.

The Fairy Tale Tarot

Tarot for Hip Witches

The Hidden Path

You can just reply through Twitter if you don't want to comment at the blog.  Thanks guys!


  1. I like th Hidden Path. If I were shy I don't think id pick the sassy witches and the fairytale ones look too demure in my opinion.

  2. Yeah I think you're right after looking them all over again. I wouldn't say Dani (main character) is shy so much as she just chooses not to associate with the cliques. So maybe more introspective than shy I guess. Has a best friend and close family, but not many acquaintances. The only hesitation I have with the Hidden path is it's not a traditional tarot deck. But I think it will work anyway.