Sunday, February 6, 2011


I got this idea from the gorgeous ladies over at Mommyland Rants.  Mentioning your kidlets on any type of social media is a catch 22 if you're talking to people who don't actually KNOW you.  After getting really tired of typing age and sex to refer to each child, I'm giving them alternate names.  Cuz it's shorter & easier, and still protects their privacy :)

So first off we have Bess, my 8 year old daughter who is being given the name of Disney's Art Talent fairy.  Bess is an artist herself (may actually post some of her work from time to time) and if any little girl were a fairy, it would be her.

Secondly we have Lightning, so named for his love of Cars.  He's three years old and has a scar on his chest from the open heart surgery he had at one week old.  So Lightning works for that, as well.  

Lastly there's Daredevil, my little 22 month old son who thinks he can do anything his older brother can.  And I do mean anything.  Will probably shorten this to Dare just to save character space on Twitter.

When I'm on Facebook I will probably just use their real names because most of the people I have friended on Facebook I've actually met in the real world.  And if I friended you there and haven't actually "met" you, consider yourself lucky :)

Oh and one other.  Anytime I refer to the Borg Queen...that's my mother-outlaw.  Because she is EVILE.  

So there you have it - I'll reference this entry anytime I get queries on who the heck I'm talking about on Twitter.  Who knows, maybe I'll come up with alterna-names for other people.  

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